Comparison study of various flow cytometers using quantiFlash. Traditionally, flow cytometers are characterized (sensitivity, linearity, long time stability etc.) by fluorescent microspheres. As shown by others*) the coefficient of variation (CV) of a stable light source can be used for scale calibration in numbers of estimated photoelectrons. This allows the quantitative comparison of flow cytometers in terms of light detection efficiency. Due to the intrinsic CV (2-4%) of microspheres they are not suitable for such calibration. Here we show a comparison of the detection efficiency of 3 flow cytometers (FACSAria™) using quantiFlash™. quantiFlash™ is an ultra-stable (CV < 0.1%) easy to use LED pulse generator made for cytometer characterization.

The poster has been presented at CYTO 2016, Seattle.

This poster is available for download.

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