Specification quantiFlash Digital Version

quantiflash® Specification

quantiFlash® is now available in a fully digital version, allowing you to easily calibrate the intensity scale of each channel in a flow cytometer to a meaningful absolute unit: “number of detected photo electrons”. This makes direct quantitative comparison between different devices possible. Using a calibrated intensity scale makes it easier to transfer measurements between flow cytometers and improves the comparability of results obtained from different flow cytometers.


Pulse Duration 1.....10 µs  
Repetition Rate 500 Hz ..... 10 kHz | 100 Hz steps  
Repetition Rate Precision 10-6  
Pulse Shape variable (Gaussian as default)  
Pulse Amplitude 0 ..... - 96 dB  
Amplitude Precision < 0,1 % CV  
Trigger optical and TTL  
Fiber Coupling 2 x fibers with f-SMA connector  
Dimensions 193 x 124 x 48 (L x W x H in mm)  
Power Li-ion battery (rechargeable)  
  USB powered  
PC software    
Fixed attenuator    
Customized fibers and connectors    


New: Mounting Kit for BD Instruments available

quantiFlash Mounting Kit BD